Tuesday, January 24, 2012


First appearance: Alien Tresspass (2009)

Fun little tribute to 1950's monster flicks. Not as entertaining as the Larry Blamire movies, but still pretty good. Story wise its similar to the Brain from Planet Arous. Alien cop takes over the body of a human to track down a killer. This one stars Eric McCormack, and someone named Sage Brocklebank a name almost as awesome as Flex Shrapnel, Corky Burger, or Oliver Onions.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Atomic Mutant

First appearance: The Day the World Ended (1955)

A bunch of jerks and an ass (literally, some guys brings a mule along) muscle in on a Rancher and his daughter's house after a nuclear war. Most of them don't get along and then a mutant (pronounced Mew- TANT) shows up and nobody gets along with him either. In the end almost everyone dies  but the good new is some one in France is still alive so I guess there's hope for the survivors even though they're out of food.
If you didn't like how the aliens were defeated in Signs you'll probably go nuts after you see what kills mutants (and giant clouds of radiation)
It may not look like it from what I've written here but I kinda liked this movie.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Attack the Block Alien


First appearance: Attack the Block (2011)

My favorite thing about the movie Attack the Block was the creature design. It was nice seeing a creature that was actually on screen not a fully CG entity. I'm sure there was moments where the guy in suit monsters were replaced with pixels but they still looked pretty boss.

Martian leader

First appearance: Invaders from Mars (1953)

What happens when a young boy who wants to be a scientist notices a bright light land in the sand pit behind his house? Martians that's what, and they implant things in peoples brains to control them or give them aneurysms. Fortunately the U.S. army is all set to believe the stories of young kids who mention monsters (see Monster Squad). Fortunately everything turns out OK in the end or does it?!


First appearance: Laid to rest (2009)
Really interesting new slasher movie about a girl with no name being chased by a guy wearing a chrome skull mask who's is videotaping his rampage with a shoulder mounted video camera. Why's he filming? We don't know. Who's the girl? We don't know. How come the cops can't figure out the car with the license plate "CRMSKULL" probably belongs to the serial killer wearing a chrome skull mask leading them to the identity of the silent hulking walking cuisinart? we find out in the sequel.  Very gory, surprisingly interesting, kinda gross. If you've got a week stomach stay far, far away from Cromeskull.
The second movie brings up more questions than it answers. I'm looking forward to seeing a third.