Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FanExpo 2012

Its that time of year again, and once again I'll be at FanExpo. You'll be able to find me in artist alley at table A53 you can see where that is on the handy dandy map at the top of this post.
I'll be selling 5X7 prints of 25 of my favorite Monstars, featuring the Alien, The Thing, Robocop, Gizmo and others. You'll also might be able to get my original 11X17 posters featuring 99 years of Monstars. while they last.

But that's not all there will be other pieces of art I've done celebrating Horror and cult movies and themes.
Swing by say "hi" and while you're there say "hi" to Leigh Young who will be sharing my table and selling some crazy art of her own.

Hopefully we'll see you there

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Irving Wallace

First appearance: Stagefright: Aquarius (1987)

A strange dance theater production about a homicidal maniac wearing an owl mask is preyed upon by a homicidal maniac wearing an owl mask. Art imitates life? Slow moving, cheap Giallo/slasher flick from Italy (of course who else makes Giallo flicks) really picks up near the end when the killer finally gets around to offing the rest of the cast. Also the killer just looks really awesome with the owl head mask.
Surprisingly I found the movie in its entirety on youtube.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Death Corps

First appearance: Shockwaves (1977)

Some folks end up on a tropical island that houses a horrible secret. Underwater Nazi Zombies. It doesn't end well for anybody.
Stars Peter Cushing as an Nazi scientist who created the creeps. You'd think people would know better than to hang around any place where Peter Cushing is, especially if he's got a German accent.