Monday, September 3, 2012


First appearance: Scared to Death (1981)

Like most people I've never seen Scared to Death but have seen its "Sequel-in-Monster-Only", SYNGENOR (1990).  So that's what I'm going to talk about.
Syngenor was typical of this type of movie in the '90s, kinda slow, some gratuitous nudity and a really cool monster suit. It's about some company that's decided to create these weird looking monster guys that reproduce every 24hrs to replace soldiers in the "next war." Unfortunately the Syngenors seem to just kill whatever they see and are only good at fighting in the desert. Its never explained but there's a couple scenes which seem to indicate Syngenors are allergic to water. The other problem is the company is run by a crazy man who keeps injecting weird glowy junk in his neck. So its up to the daughter of the guy who created Syngenors and some reporter that was investigating something to do with the Syngenor company before falling in love with the scientists daughter to do something about the Syngenors before its too late.

 The monster is really only one of two things that Syngenor has going for it. What's that other thing you ask? It's Re-animator's Dr. Hill himself, David Gale. And he's just as nuts in this flick. His character also has a habit of injecting a familiar looking green-glowing fluid into his neck that's never explained.
Can you live without seeing Syngenor? Probably.
Will seeing Syngenor change your life in any positive way?  I hope not, its not that great a movie.
Did I enjoy watching Syngenor? Yep.
Should you watch Syngenor? I don't care.

The trailer for "Scared To Death" makes it look like the better movie, I'm going to have to find a way to see it.