Thursday, April 25, 2013


First appearance: Manborg (2011)

A soldier is killed during the Hell Wars and is brought back to life in Mega Death City in the future as man kind's only hope (?), MANBORG! Together with #1 Man, Justice and Mina he faces Count Draculon's weird forces in gladiatorial combat until he tires of those "shenanigrams" and brings the fight to Count Draculon himself!

Made for about $1,000, every cent of which show's on screen, the movie is crazy ambitious and extremely fun. Sure it looks like it was made for a thousand bucks but its a million times more fun than half the recent big budget movies I've seen lately. If only all the micro-budget film makers had the kind of imagination and talent the Aston-6 guys.
Oh, and it's a Canadian flick too. Why can't we make more stuff like this in Canada?
I watched twice in a row after blind buying the DVD. I recommend this flick highly.