Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr. Sam Loomis

First appearance: Halloween (1978)

Good ol' Dr. Loomis. Why is it nobody ever listens to the psychiatrist in charge of weird psychos? I guess if they did Halloween would have been a really short movie about a bunch of baby sitters fooling around in the houses of their employers.
I've always found the Donald Pleasance's delivery of the line "I shot him Six times!" at the beginning of Halloween 2 really funny. Its the way he runs the words together into one word then enunciates perfectly "I said," then crams all the words together again.
I've added the little animated voice bubbles just for something extra for Halloween. 


  1. For being so super cool and creepy, I'd like to present you with this web award:

  2. Wonderful pieces! Love these!