Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Prowler

First appearance: The Prowler (1981)

Normally I'd put the name of the character in the title of the post but I liked the Red Herrings in the movie so much that I think I'll save the mystery. The movie's another of those slasher movies where there's going to be a big dance in town, this time its a graduation dance, that everyone in town loves, until some people get murdered. The town decides from that moment on there are no more dances. Flash forward 35 years, someone decides its time to have that dance again even though everyone assumes the murdering will start again. Sure enough murdering starts again. Will small towns never learn.
The thing I thought was cool about this one was the WWII angle with the first batch of murders being committed by a Crazy GI back from the war to find his girlfriend has fallen in love with some other guy whom she has taken to her High School (?) graduation dance. He kills them and then disappears. 35 later the killing starts again. I really like the look of the killer in the movie, I think the full combat gear matched with a pitch fork was very striking and new.

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