Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rats: The Night of Terror (Spoiler monstar sorry)

First appearance: Rats: The Night of Terror (1984)

A post apocalyptic flick where a bunch of 1980s punks try to survive a night in a rundown building. Oh and did I mention the building is filled with evil rats! There's also these mysterious guys in yellow HAZMAT suits who show up and cart away some of the injured punks. Who are these  weirdos in yellow? I kinda blow that mystery by showing you in this edition of Monstars, sorry. I debated whether I should or not but the movie's pretty crummy (directed by Bruno Mattei so if you've seen any of his flicks you know what to expect) most people probably won't make it to the reveal, also I've seen trailers and posters featuring the "suprise twist" so I figure if the film makers let the Rat out of the bag so to speak so will I. Here's a trailer with one of the alternate titles: BLOOD KILL! whatever that means.

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