Tuesday, October 16, 2012


First appearance: Sinister (2012)

A heart warming tale of a true crime author discovering a box full of home movies in the attic of the house he just moved into. Wait, did I say heart warming? I meant terrifying.
The plot follows the crime writer's attempt to unravel the mystery of a family who is hanged in their backyard and their missing daughter. The murderer conveniently leaves the author clues as to what happened in the form of a box full of deceptively labeled snuff films in the attic of the house where the murder took place and the author has just moved his own family into.
Very creepy movie involving pagan gods, horrible murders and a guy who just wants to write a book about the murders.


  1. The background choice is aces.

    1. Thanks it's all I could come up with!

    2. he's old school but he still has to kinda look new school I guess (speaking of the suite) the face he has no mouth is seriously creepy. I jumped at least 4 times during the movie. I'm afraid I'll have to rent this so I can watch more than once because i sat dumb founded as the credits rolled. It has both physiological as well as gory the most at the end. This poke on pagan deieties can be exscused in this case I guess, Inability to sleep for a while . . .nother good movie mark?