Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Protector 101

First appearance: Killbots / Chopping Mall (1986)

Some kids decide to do that standard thing kids liked to do in the 1980s, stay behind after work and have a make-out party in the mall after hours. Unfortunately for them this was the day when the mall got its new security team, partying teens' mortal enemy: Robots! Mayhem ensues.
Leigh reminded me how much I liked this movie and suggested I draw one of the "Killbots." I chose Number Two because I thought he gave the best performance, you could really believe he was a just security guard trying to do the best job he could.

Oh,if you've got a favorite monster or b-movie hero that you'd like to see me draw up for this collection let me know, there's still tons of monsters I haven't gotten around to yet.


  1. I think I need to try getting a copy of Chopping Mall... its going on my christmas list!

  2. Great work, as always.

    If you're taking requests: Have you done "Maniac Cop" yet? Or ever see "Phantom of the Paradise?" Either of those would be cool in the Monstars style.

  3. I've already done Phantom of the Paradise, but Maniac Cop is a very interesting suggestion. he'll definitely be showing up at some point! Thanks Bonehead XL!