Monday, July 2, 2012

Alien, hunter

First appearance: Without Warning (1980)

Have you ever heard of that movie 'Predator'? You know the one where an alien hunter stalks and kills a bunch of guys in the jungle? Yeah? Well this is kind of like that. Only its in the woods near a lake and the people fighting the alien are a crazy guy who may or may not own a gas station (played by Jack Palance, the guy not the gas station), a crazy army vet (Martin Landau) and a pair of useless teens. Instead of invisibility and high tech weapons, this alien throws weird, fleshy, frisbee parasites at people.  The alien's not it it very much.
Another interesting parallel to Predator, both aliens were played by TV's Misfits of Science's Kevin Peter Hall.



  1. How about My Stepmother is an Alien? That weird red dress with the hat and the eyeball-alien guy in her purse???? Like a pin up??? That would be AWSOME!!!

    Your sister.

  2. I was able to watch this in it's entirety on YouTube.