Thursday, July 5, 2012


First appearance: The Keep (1983)

Nazi's guarding an ancient keep awaken something horrible when trying to steal silver crosses embedded in the walls.  A mystical weirdo swings by to help a jewish academic and his daughter who are being held prisoner by the Nazis and forced to study the creepy keep. The weirdo's actually there to help the horrible thing. Weirdo falls in love with the academic monster. Horrible thing kills a bunch of Nazis proving that even ancient evil hates Nazis
Based on a pretty good novel by F. Paul Wilson. 


  1. Surprisingly, your description of that movie, does not help me understand it any better. I thought about rewatching it last night, mainly for the kick ass Tangerine Dream soundtrack, but didn't think my brain (or my husband) could take it. Instead we watched Hellraiser, and fell asleep.

    1. I've got a bootleg of the Laserdisc kicking around that I haven't even checked to see if it works. crazy movie.