Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fuad Ramses

First Appearance: Blood Feast (1963)

Dorothy Freemont wants to arrange catering for her daughter Suzette's party. she visits the shop of local Egyptian caterer Fuad Ramses.  Fuad tells Mrs. Freemont that he'd like prepare a feast that has not been prepared in over 5,000 years. This feast is called "The Egyptian Blood Feast." Mrs. Freemont lets him know in no uncertain terms that she needs the catering for the party in two weeks.
Fuad assures her he has almost all the ingredients he needs. A deal is agreed upon and Fuad sets about gathering the ingredients.
Unfortunately the ingredients he needs are human flesh! You see Fuad worships the Egyptian Godess Ishtar and this Blood Feast thing is actually a series of sacrifices to his Godess! Good thing for him people in the 1960s thought a meal called a "Blood Feast" sounded delicious and not at all creepy or disgusting!
Will the police manage to stop Fuad before he gathers all his ingredients?
But seriously, why would you agree to hire a guy who wants to set up something called a BLOOD FEAST for your teenage girl's birthday party?

Widely considered the first splatter film and is notable for its on screen depictions of extreme gore.

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