Monday, July 21, 2014

Darryl Revok

First appearance: Scanners (1981)

Turns out there's a real weird birth defect associated with the old analgesic Ephemerol. Psychic powers! Now there's two groups of people looking for these psychics, known as Scanners. One is ConSec and it's owner Dr. Paul Ruth, the guy who invented Ephemerol and tested it on his wife,  who is hoping to train these psychics to uses their powers for espionage. The other is lead by Darryl Revok, a scanner, who's using his company Biocarbon Amalgamate to send more Ephemerol to pregnant women in hopes of creating an army of psychic babies! Can former bum and troubled Scanner, Cameron Vale, help ConSec stop Revok from creating an army of fellow Scanners?
Most people know it as "That movie with the exploding head."
Another strange Canadian sci-fi/horror flick from director David Cronenberg from the 1980s. A little slow in parts but worth seeing for its strange mix of spy and monster movie conventions.
I think it might be my favourite Cronenberg movie.

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