Monday, July 14, 2014

Zap Rowsdower

First appearance: The Final Sacrifice (1990)

A young man, Troy, continues his father's quest to discover the lost city of Xiox! On the run from hooded cult members, he takes refuge in the back of a crummy pick up truck. The truck belongs to the impressively named Zap Rowsdower, a down on his luck former cult member (spoiler, sorry). Together this team sets out to avenge the death Troy's father, find the lost city of Xiox, redeem Zap Rowsdower, and save the world?

This weird, no budget Canadian adventure film received attention from the fantastic TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 exposing the world to the incredible mulleted hero Zap! I'd love to see the movie un"riffed" just for fun. Normally I'd include the trailer for the movie with this little write up, unfortunately the movie isn't that popular or something so I can't find a trailer. I highly recommend you check out the MST3K episode, I think its one of their best.

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