Monday, October 14, 2013

Frank Douglas

First appearance: Monster-A-Go-Go! (1965)

Astronaut Frank Douglas disappears when his space capsule lands on earth. A large radioactive creature appears at roughly the same time and proceeds to wreak havoc. A team of scientists and the military track the monster in an attempt to capture it. Is this monster the missing astronaut? 

The movie was originally directed by Bill Rebane but he ran out of money before completing it. The godfather of gore H.G. Lewis eventually bought the movie in order to finish it. Between the time when the film was originally abandoned (1961) and when H.G. Lewis took over (1965) enough time had passed that some of the original actors were no longer available so they are replaced by different characters providing similar roles in the plot. One of the original actors had changed so much in the four years he was recast as the brother of the character he originally played.
this film also features a human voice simulating the ringing of a phone at one point.

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