Sunday, October 13, 2013

Green Slime

First appearance: The Green Slime (1965)

Scientist visit an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. After blowing up the asteroid they return to the space station Gamma 3. Unfortunately one of the scientists has a big of green slime on one of his boots. The slime grows into a weird tentacled creature that can shoot lightning out of its tentacles. When ever it's wounded it bleeds the same green goop that it grew from creating more monsters. Can the crew of the Gamma 3 stop this menace before it takes over?
Probably not the seem more concerned about their personal lives and junk.
Features probably the most awesome sci-fi movie theme song ever.

also here's the trailer


  1. I remember seeing this as a kid on a local creature feature. There's a scene where a guy gets trapped behind a door with the monsters, and the other people try to open it to free him, and the door opens and the monsters have already got him, he's all covered in slime and has this awful frozen look on his face. Freaked me out as a kid.

    1. I've always found this to be a strange movie. it seems to be both vastly under rated and over rated. it seems like there's a really awesome sci-fi horror flick buried under all that italian/japanese weirdness.