Monday, October 7, 2013


First appearance: Hellraiser (1987)

Since I've already discussed Hellraiser and the Cenobites don't do much until the sequel, I'm going to talk about Hellbound: Hellraiser II or as my gang refers to it Hellraiser 2: Hellraiser too.
In the sequel to the bafflingly popular Hellraiser, Kristy Cotton is in the care of Dr. Channard at his weird-ass mental institution. This is what happens when you try to blame the destruction of you home and murder of family on a missing uncle and an old dirty mattress. Turns out Channard believes her because he knows about the Lament Configuration and is trying to summon something from the mattress. Long story short someone solves the puzzle box, everyone goes to the Cenobite realm. The audience is treated to a series of erotic, goofy, bizarre imagery (usually all at the same time.) Pinhead lets Kristy go, contrary to the suggestion of the other Cenobites and Kristy saves the day or something. And you are left to figure out why people love these movies.

There's an extended flashback that takes up what feels like half the movie using footage from the first Hellraiser, which is good if you've never seen Hellraiser. Characters also tend to repeat dialog, either their own or something someone has just said to them.
Chatterer is my favorite Cenobite in the first flick, for some weird reason they changed his face in the second movie. They gave him eyes which makes him look a little goofy.

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