Monday, October 28, 2013


First appearance: Predator (1987)

A group of mercenaries head to the jungles of Costa Verde to find out what happened to a presidential cabinet minister. Or so they thought! After wiping out a guerrilla camp it is revealed they were actually there just to kill a bunch of guerrillas. On their way back to the extraction point they get attacked by an invisible alien hunter who likes to skin its prey and collects skulls. Also it sees heat. Will this plucky band of mercenaries make it to the helicopter or will they just end up as more trophies on the wall of this predator's home?
For some reason, "fans" of this franchise insist on calling this species Yautja. This makes no sense to me. Who calls these things Yautja? what language is that supposed to be? It's not the Predator's language that seems to be just a series of clicks and whistles. Like the Alien in Alien, if humans are encountering these things wouldn't we just call them aliens or if we're clever predators? maybe even hunters? Fan stuff like that annoys me deeply for some reason. Predators are called Predators. Aliens are called Aliens not xenomorphs. One guy in one movie used that word to sound smart. Xenomorph means alien-form or alien-body. The marines have encountered other aliens in their missions as you can tell from their story about the Arcturans. 
Also Michael Myers should be called the Boogeyman not the shape. Through that whole series everyone calls him the boogeyman. Even his doctor. 
So remember these things are call Predators, dummy.
Also at one point the Predator was going to be played by Jean Claude Van Damme.
That would have been pretty cool, eh?
Anyway on to the trailer:

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